Ultimate Guide for Short head triceps exercises & Workout Plan

Short head triceps exercises have received much-deserved acclaim due to their unique ability to target specific areas for improved definition and strength.

But what exactly are these exercises, and how are they different than other workout routines?

Let us embark upon this enlightening adventure, decoding the secrets of short-head triceps exercises!

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    Short head triceps exercises

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    What is Short Head Triceps? (SH Triceps)

    Before embarking upon any exercises, one must have an in-depth knowledge of their anatomy.

    The Triceps Brachii muscle contains three heads: long head, best lateral head, and short head.

    The short medial head on the upper arm’s inner side plays an instrumental role in arm flexion and overall aesthetics.

    What works the short head tricep?

    You engage this specific head more intensely by placing both hands closer together on the barbell.

    Pushdowns with a Rope: Utilizing the rope allows for a greater range of motion, effectively activating short-head muscles.

    Guarantee a full extension and squeeze at the base for optimal results.

    Skull Crushers: While their name might seem intimidating, skull crushers are an essential exercise to target short heads.

    By shifting the weight onto your forehead, you effectively engage your triceps muscle groups – especially its short head region.

    Which tricep exercises hit which head?

    Understanding tricep exercises will enable you to get the most from your workout regimen.

    Here’s a breakdown:

    Long Head: Exercises such as overhead and incline tricep extensions primarily focus on targeting the long head to enhance the overall tricep shape.

    Lateral Head Exercisers perform exercises targeting the outer side of their triceps, such as kickbacks or extensions with dumbbells.

    What hits the long head vs short head triceps exercises?

    While both heads contribute to arm strength and aesthetics, it’s evident that long heads play an especially vital role in movements where arms are raised overhead press.

    Conversely, the short head becomes more prominent during pressing movements and exercises such as tricep dips.

    How do you target all three tricep heads?

    Developing your triceps holistically requires taking an in-depth approach. Here’s how:

    Variety Is Key: Incorporate best exercises that target each head independently – for instance, combine close-grip bench presses with overhead tricep extensions and kickbacks for best results.

    Range of Motion: Make sure that each exercise maximizes its range of motion; full extension and contraction will engage all heads effectively.

    Mind-Muscle Connection: Focus on contracting the triceps by emphasizing squeeze at peak contraction for each repetition.

    Exercise to strengthen short-head triceps

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    Close neutral grip Bench Press with Tricep Pushdowns with rope attachment(CGBPTTPRs with Rope).

    Skull Crusher Dips (with an obvious forward lean)

    Progressive Overload: Gradually increase heavy weights or repetitions to challenge and tax your muscles.

    rest day and Recovery: Allow sufficient rest between workouts for muscle recovery and growth.

    Nutrition: Fuel your workouts with a diet rich in proteins, carbs, and healthy fats for maximum performance.

    Perfecting Your Form

    While understanding how to perform each exercise is necessary for effective tricep training, mastering its execution takes things one step further.

    Let’s dig a bit deeper into the subtleties of form and technique:

    Maintain Proper Align: proper form alignment is vital when performing close-grip bench dips presses or tricep pushdowns; maintaining correct posture should always be taken seriously.

    Ensure your elbow joint are tucked into their sockets to reduce strain on wrists and shoulder joint.

    Controlled Movements: Avoid succumbing to temptation by speeding through repetitions too quickly.

    Slow, controlled movements engage muscles more fully for increased growth and definition.

    Breathing Techniques: Although often taken for granted, proper breathing can significantly enhance performance.

    Take deep breaths when performing eccentric (lowering of the weight) movements and exhale on concentric (lifting the weight).

    This technique ensures adequate oxygen supply to muscles and increases endurance and performance.

    Add short head triceps exercises to Your Routine

    Implementing short head tricep exercises strategically into your exercise regime to fully leverage their benefits is vital if you hope to reap all their potential advantages.

    Here is an example workout plan to guide your efforts:

    Day 1 of Short Head Focus and Close Grip Bench Press Training (45 sets x 8-10 low reps)

    Tricep Pushdowns with Rope: Three Sets x 12-15 Reps.

    Skull Crushers: Three sets with 10-12 reps each of skull crushers

    Dipping (with slight forward lean): Perform three sets with 10-12 reps each time.

    Day Three: Proficient Tricep training session.

    Overhead Tricep elbow extension: four sets with 10-12 repetitions in each set

    Tricep Kickbacks: 3 sets with 12-15 reps

    overhand grip Push-Ups: 3 Sets x 10-12 Reps

    Push-Ups with Diamond Push-Ups: Three sets containing 10-12 repetitions are performed over three sets.

    Note: Always ensure adequate rest between sets and great exercise. Listen to what works for your body, adjusting intensity as necessary.

    Utilizing Consistency and Adaptability Effectively

    Though short head triceps exercises provide an effective targeted solution, consistency remains at the core of success.

    However, adaptability must be valued.

    As your strength and endurance increase, consider including variations such as increasing weight or changing rep ranges to keep challenging your muscles.

    Professional Advice

    Consulting with an expert or personal trainer might be beneficial if you are just getting into tricep training or looking to fine-tune your technique.

    Expert trainers offer personalized guidance, tailor workouts to your unique requirements, and help to maximize results while minimizing injury risks.


    Triceps exercises provide an efficient means of targeting this important muscle group and creating tone in its entirety.

    You can unlock unparalleled arm aesthetics and strength by understanding anatomy, engaging in varied compound exercises, and honing techniques.

    Remember, consistency and dedication are crucial throughout this fitness journey.

    So arm yourself with knowledge, embrace the challenge, and watch as your triceps begin their transformation!