Popular Men’s Hairstyles from the 70s & Tips for Haircut

A decade is known for disco balls, bell-bottom jeans, and iconic men’s hairstyles from the 70s.

Men looking to embrace vintage aesthetics can look to this stylish sweater to channel that vintage spirit or simply elevate their look.

Are you curious to witness some of the trends from years gone by?

In this article, we go through some memorable men’s hairstyles from the 70s!

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    What were the men’s hairstyles from the 70s?

    Imagine this–a hairstyle defined by volume, layers, and an effortlessly cool aesthetic. That is the Shag.

    A shag haircut was once seen as the height of casual chic, popular with both rockstars and everyday rebels alike.

    Imagine Mick Jagger or Rod Stewart’s hair tousled, cascading carefree down their shoulders.

    The Afro:

     A powerful symbol of African american culture identification and pride, the Afro became no longer just a style but a political statement.

    It turned into worn naturally, with its spherical and voluminous shape.

    The Shag: 

    A rock-and-roll culture, the shag coiffure is characterized by using choppy layers and is regularly followed by bangs. 

    It became a low-renovation look that exuded a carefree mindset.

    The Disco Look:

     As disco fever took over, hairstyles got shorter but greater style. 

    Think approximately John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever” – smooth, quick, and frequently with a reported aspect parting.

    The Mullet: 

    Business inside the front, celebration in the again – the mullet was one of the more excellent daring 70s traits. 

    This coiffure became short on the front and facets but long hairstyle on the back.

    elvis presley and robert redford are good example.

    The Pompadour: 

    Revived from the Nineteen Fifties, the pompadour returned in the 70s men’s haircuts. 

    It worried hair swept upwards from the face and worn excessively over the forehead, frequently with a touch volume.

    How to Recreate These Iconic 70s Hairstyles

    Getting the Long and Flowing Look: 

    Grow your hair out and use a moderate shampoo and conditioner to preserve it healthy. A center parting will deliver that classic 70s vibe.

    Achieving the Feathered Style: 

    This style requires layers, so a terrific haircut is essential.

    Brushing it again and away from your face to create a feathered effect.

    Sporting the Afro: 

    For people with clearly curly hair, the secret is to permit your hair to develop and shape it into a rounded shape. 

    Regular moisturizing is crucial to preserve the fitness and look of an Afro.

    The Shag Cut: 

    This hairstyle is all about layers. Ask your stylist for choppy coatings throughout your hair, without or with bangs. 

    Use a texturizing spray to beautify the tousled, effortless look.

    Disco-Inspired Hair:

    Keep your hair highly short but styled. Use a perfect, satisfactory pomade or hair gel to create a graceful, combed-back appearance or a reported facet parting.

    Mullet Styling: 

    This hairstyle requires brief hair on the front and aspects and longer hair at the back. 

    Regular trims are necessary to keep the excellent mullet form. 

    Use a light hair product to style the front for a more contemporary take on the classic mullet.

    Pompadour Perfection: 

    For a pompadour, longer hair on top is fundamental. Blow-dry your hair upwards and back, with the use of a round brush for the extent. 

    Apply a strong-keep pomade to preserve the style in the region.

    Tips for Rocking and pop culture in 70s Hairstyles Today

    Understand your hair type: Certain styles work better with unique hair sorts. For example, the Afro is excellent ideal for naturally curly hair.

    Maintain hair health: Regular trims, proper shampooing, and conditioning are essential, irrespective of the style.

    Use the proper merchandise: Invest in satisfactory hair merchandise that healthy your hair and the fashion you aim for.

    Experiment with confidence: The 1970s have been all about ambitious choices. Don’t be afraid to attempt something new and personal style it with confidence.

    Exploring More 70s Hairstyles: Diversity in Men’s Fashion

    The Rocker Mane

    The rock legend scene of the 70s delivered hairstyles that have been as bold and rebellious as the song. Long hair, regularly past the shoulders, was an indicator of rock musicians. 

    This style exuded a wild, rebellious spirit that many guys embraced.

    Bowl Cuts and Mod Styles

    Influenced through the past due ‘previous times ’70s mod subculture, bowl cuts noticed a resurgence. 

    These have been characterized by using a direct reduction around the pinnacle, giving a ‘bowl’ ‘-like appearance. 

    It was a simple yet striking look.

    Sideburns and Mustaches

    No discussion of 70s hairstyles might be entirely without citing men’s mixed facial hair styles. 

    Sideburns had been a leading fashion, regularly worn lengthy and thick. 

    Mustaches have additionally become a distinguished feature of men’s grooming, including the overall unfashionable appearance.

    The Surfer Look

    The laid-again, sun-kissed surfer style becomes every other 70s trend. This concerned longer, regularly wavy hair, now and then bleached or sun-lightened. 

    It was a herbal, effortless fashion that exuded a sense of freedom and reference to nature.

    How to Style These Additional 70s Looks.

    Rocker Mane: Let your hair develop long. Use a conditioner to maintain it manageable and include its herbal texture. This style is all about the rugged, unpolished look.

    Bowl Cut: This calls for a particular cut, so discover a stylist who can replicate the appearance appropriately. Keep it neat with everyday trims.

    Sideburns and Mustaches: Let your facial hair develop, then shape it to the desired duration and thickness. Regular grooming is fundamental to maintaining a neat look.

    Surfer Style: Achieve this look by growing your hair longer and including some waves. Sea salt sprays can assist in that beachy natural texture.

    Men’s Hair Products from the ’70s

    Hair merchandise played a significant function in attaining the iconic seems of the ’70s. 

    Hairsprays, gels, and pomades were famous for styling. 

    Natural products, reflecting the era’s developing environmental attention, additionally became an increasing number of famous like david bowie.

    Why 70s Hairstyles Are Making a Comeback

    The 70s had been a time of experimentation and individuality, and this spirit resonates with today’s era.

    As a result, many 70s hairstyles are coming around again, albeit with contemporary twists. 

    They constitute freedom, non-conformity, and a nod to a pivotal time in cultural records.


    The 70s became a generation that revolutionized guys’s hairstyles. From lengthy, flowing locks to smooth disco conservative styles, 

    these appeared to be greater than fashion statements; they were reflections of the cultural shifts and social dynamics of the time. 

    Today, these hairstyles aren’t only a nod to the beyond and an assertion of individuality and freedom. 

    Whether you’re aiming for a feathered look or a conventional Afro, the 70s offer a wealth of inspiration for the ones trying to add retro flair to their style.