Monday, October 16, 2006

Workshop and News

> One of the pictures of my studio that I shared at the workshop. I'm using a newer computer/monitor/scanner configuration now, but that's the system that I've used since 2002 in the corner of the room.

* Thanks to everyone who attended my workshop at EAA! If anyone has feedback or questions from Sunday, I look forward to addressing them in the comments link below. Also, I'll definitely keep in mind all the requests for a DVD tutorial in the future.

** I went to compress my emails the other day, and wound up losing a year's worth of emails. Unfortunately, my last backup was 3 months ago, so I was only able to recover up emails up to July. If I haven't responded to your email within the past couple of weeks, please resend.

*** Also, I will be unable to make any prints until Nov., when I will have new equipment shipped in.

23 Comments: said...

I learned sooooooooo much at the workshop. I never thought you worked in such an experimental way in photoshop. I had been struggling with an illustration before I came to the workshop, but after coming home from the workshop, I tried a couple of the things I learned, and BAAM!. It's working again. HORRAY!!!

Anyways, thanks for everything and I look towards many more workshops in the future. The only thing that was bad about the workshop is that it wasn't longer. It'd be great if you could have an all day workshop.

P.S- One thing that really stuck out that you said at the end, was that you always look for 'innovative solutions'.


12:13 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hey James,
How 'bout a bi-weekly or monthly vidcast? I'm sure theres many people like myself, that don't live in your area and can't make it to your workshops, that wouldn't mind paying a small fee to watch them online. Just a thought. Thanks!

1:34 PM  
Joshua James said...

Nice. I love seeing other's studio spaces.


1:49 PM  
Anonymous said...

i wish i could have been there. nice studio!

2:16 PM  
Pete said...

James- Just do a DVD recording your process at home working on a particular project, Anyone you feel covers all your techniques. Thats all thats needed, sell that bad boy and Im sure people will buy it! I know I would!!!!


2:43 PM  
BRiTT said...

I would give my left hand (not my right, cause I draw with that) to have been at that workshop! Ever considered coming to Toronto?

Just kidding...but still...

6:54 PM  
Rick said...

Hey James,

Just dropping a line to say how much I enjoyed the workshop. I was the guy who sat directly in front of you (and probably blocked your way during the life drawing, which was a nice surprise...I haven't done any life drawing in a while). I was happy to learn some new Photoshop tricks and was even happier that I already knew some of the tricks you showed. You really know how to make that program sing without doing too much fancy stuff.

Your fan,


9:05 PM  
DeepSix said...


First, I'm a HUGE fan!
Second, my illustration dept at school has been trying to get a hold of you for a visit in the spring. We're on Florida's sunny Gulf Coast! ANY chance you might be interested?


11:05 PM  
Mirko said...

Beautiful blog, beautiful site, beautiful work!!!! Great!!!

Salutes from Italy ;)

Ciao Mirko

12:47 AM  
wil said...

so when would the DVD be available and what would be the content?
would be very interested in that.

3:42 AM  
mercadovisual said...

You work is very good!!
Bom, sou brasileiro, meu forte is not english.

6:29 AM  
blake said...

hey james. the seminar rocked man. we okies made it back (on the most turbulent flight ive ever been on) safe and sound.

are you going to post your model drawings at all? i hear my ballcap made it into the second 5 minute drawing...

8:04 AM  
Mai said...

Awww ... pity I couldn't be there!! I would've loved to learn from you. Any chance you're going to do a workshop in Europe? Or a signing??

Btw, your workplace is so tidy and organized! I admire you^^

10:47 AM  
bruhmbel said...

What monitor are you using now, out of curiosity?

3:46 PM  
Eli said...

The workshop was a real treat. I only wish i had stayed longer to talk a little shop afterwords. It's completely motivational to watch your work progress from start to finish. I think it's easy to forget that at the root of all illustrations is a confident draftsperson. I love the use of traditional media in your work. It gives everything a more organic harmony. Thanks again James, truly magnificent.


5:24 PM  
Bjorn said...

You must have cleaned up! No way a painting studio looks that clean and organised. My studio always looks like a bomb exploded after I finished a piece, haha.

To bad you're not doing demos like that in Europe.

9:13 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hey James...Kelly Mellings, the crazy illustrator who came all the way from the frozen wasteland to the north called Ca-na-duh. *puts down hockey stick and pets polar bear*
Thanks for answering my many strange questions. Seeing you work and giving away all your mad tricks was very insightfull...but even if I hadn't learned all sorts of new visual trickery it was totally worth the trip in inspiration alone.

The originals and sketchbooks were just lovely to see in person.

My only regret is that we didn't get to see some of your more traditional technique.

Thanks again!

10:55 AM  
Shawn Escott said...

Cool working space! I see your paintings around your computer. Awesome man! You've gotta do more of these. You've got such skill with painting.

12:45 PM  
Logan said...

I wanted so badly to hear you talk about your sketchbooks, especially your post graduation ones and how they've informed your commercial work. I guess I'll be biding my time until you post some pages out of your current one on here.

By the way, what a beautiful sanctum you have to work in. Do you and your wife own a house or an apartment in LA?

12:15 PM  
MARILLA said...

if I draw something.. can you put it on your wall?

4:21 PM  
k said...

Wow, your studio space is meticulous. It's so neat and clean. :) My space is a mess. I'm envious.

6:04 PM  
Process Recess said...

Thanks for the feedback everyone! Yes, Marilla, draw me something and I'll hang it up! Tidiness is a syndrome I developed after living in tiny spaces in NY and LA. Now that we have a larger space in LA, I can't shake the habit.

As far as a DVD goes, I am thinking about putting one together, perhaps bundle it together with a book! I'm working on a couple of book projects right now, and once they are ready, I'll probably embark on a tour of the major US cities and Europe. But that won't be for another year or so.

12:43 AM  
stephanie said...

and Canada?

i think a couple of canadians bought your absolutely lovely 'grammar' pieces -- or at least one did (moi.)

i would love to see one of your workshops here in toronto!

4:38 AM  

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