Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Panelists 2 at Giant Robot SF

> Grammar 1, mixed media on rice paper mounted on Rives BFK, 10 x 14", SOLD.

> Grammar 2, mixed media on rice paper mounted on Rives BFK, 10 x 14", SOLD.

I have a couple of pieces in a show opening this Oct. 21st, 6:30-10pm, at the Giant Robot gallery in San Francisco.

618 Shrader St.
San Francisco CA 94117
Mon-Fri 11:30-8, Sat. 11-8, Sun 12-7

Please contact the gallery to purchase. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the opening, but it looks like it will be a good show!


Eli said...

It's too bad you can't make it up to S.F. but it's always nice to be able to see your work in person. I really like the way you're working with these, a bit more of the personal work you said you were missing. I think the transition to personal gallery work will be smooth sailing for you. your base is really solid as you know and it doesn't hurt that you're not pompous about it. Were these stream of conciousness or were they planned out as much as your illustrations? Cheers James, I look forward to seeing these at the show.

12:29 PM  
Anonymous said...

Great,awesome stuff! the rice paper looks really good with the washes you did. nice job


7:27 PM  
Frank said...

Wow James, the 2nd one fucking ROCKS. One of the most interesting pieces I've seen you do. You're going to make me cry.

7:33 PM  
Keith Avery said...

the first one reminds me of your munny design

9:45 PM  
Ben Baker said...

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11:34 PM  
Ben Baker said...

Wow! I really like the first one! And the second one makes me think about a japanese or chinese stamp.

11:38 PM  
Jed said...

Since you have a similar approach here in both these pieces with the grid, I'm encouraged to think that this is a series that goes beyond these two pieces. I remember reading in Larry Rivers autobiography how he had painted pictures of playing cards but they were a part of a bigger show of many varied works, and Rauchenburg suggested he do a show of just playing cards to prove that he "meant it". I think that in that case this suggestion was a little extreme and mercenary in the way Rauchenburg was suggesting that Rivers manipulate how the work would be recieved (though Warhol later did pretty well following almost the same premise), and though I'm all for ecclectic, I do think it's important to follow through with the exploration so you're not just screwing around. I'd like to see that you mean what you're doing here, and so far I have no reason to think that you don't, but I'd still like to see more.

With the grid, you make the viewer very conscious of the surface, and we get this interplay between the illusionistic image and the grid. The grid gets broken up into these sections of varying levels of density that invade the image, and then you start to fool around with balance, with color, and opacity, and mark making in still, a pretty tentative approach in comparison to some of the experimentation I've seen you do in your sketchbooks, but then this is your first venture in a while into less slick, illustrative work, so I'm sure future work won't have this tentative quality.

Also I see you messing around with imagery as texture in an almost Sigmar Polk-like way, which is exciting, but you can't escape your tendency to impose narrative on the image, and this makes me wonder what direction you want to go in with this stuff. In the first one this works well for me because the image and the texture don't seem so much in competition, but the second one seems really experimental, like you haven't quite decided on an approach. The second one on its own doesn't give me this impression,but it's BECAUSE of the very narrative aspect of the first one in this, as series, that I find the second one looking so transitional.

So, basically, I think this stuff looks really interesting and exciting and its great you're headed in a new direction but I'd really like to see more to get a better sense of what you're doing here.

2:04 AM  
Michael Meier said...

I really like the first one!
can you tell what different qualities rice paper has?
and i really would like to know the meaning of the signs. Are they just numbers or do they have a special meanig?

7:07 AM  
mackaydesign said...

Amazing work, James!

11:05 PM  
Jon Han said...

Awesome James.. thanks for the shipping info man.

9:28 PM  
Keul said...

you're one of the artists i look the most as an inspiration, and i have to say you're one of the most creative illustrator! i don't know how you work with your imagination to find new way to use the computer every time, that's amazing!
by the way, i'd love to see your work compiled in an artbook, will this be done one day?

3:54 PM  
Logan said...

James. The My Chemical Romance stuff. Way too cool man. That had to be fun. Are you going to be touring with them as well?

I LOVE the 'Hero Down' illustration concept.

Last but not least, it's nice to see new sketchbook stuff. :-D

4:27 PM  

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