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Shaun White HP Commercial

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The art I created for Shaun White's 2007 Burton snowboard appears again in this fantastic HP commercial. The pink sketch he discards doesn't actually exist, though there were plenty of sketches done for this project. Below are a select few. Shaun was very specific with what he wanted, and I worked hard to bring his vision to life.

> An initial sketch for the top of the board and some roughs for the graphic on the bottom.

> A tight sketch for the top art that was rejected in favor of having the art fade to black.

> Final sketches for the composition. At this point, it was decided that a 2nd board would be made to continue the action: the tall white figure breaks through the chains and clawing tendrils of the demonic, post-apocalyptic horde.

> Graphite drawing on white Rives BFK sealed and painted over with washes of acrylic. The two pieces measure 11 x 55".

> Digital color in Photoshop CS, 3055 x 15880 pix each.


Thomas(fr) said...

Nice sketches !

4:39 AM  
Jesse said...

Those are pretty amazing.

5:15 AM  
Ben Baker said...

Really impressive ad! And the drawings are really good!

6:43 AM  
Adam Schilling said...

I've come out of lurking just to state the obvious: your work is amazing.

10:41 PM  
adam said...

It's really good.

1:22 AM  
Jens said...

Of these I especially like the acrylic wash paintings. Thx a lot for putting up all this work and process pictures for fans and fellow artist. It's really great to look at! I also recently ordered your book and i'm very pleased about the quality and format of it. Only somethimes I wish the writings were more readable :). I also addec your link to my site.

6:13 AM  
Jeremy said...

man, thank you so much for sharing all this with the world. These two boards are amazing, especially next to each other. I'm really loving the flow and dynamics of these two, and the pinkish red areas that dot the composition are really nice.

9:41 AM  
Bluebird said...

great stuff... I thought I saw your work on the commerical. Keep it up!! -peace Stephen

12:32 PM  
Nimatron said...

Hey James, I gotta take a cue from Adam Schilling and unlurk as well. Although I can't think of anything to say either, except the obious kudos..!

You're one of the most inspiring and nicest artists around, and your blog is so awesome it's ridiculous. Thanks for all the regular posts. It's about 2 months too late to say so, but it was great to bump into you at APE. :)

1:34 PM  
Manuel Lariño said...

That commercial was really cool. There is something about art on skateboards that has always atracted me..
Q: being your drawing 11x55´´ do you scan them in a conventional scanner and then paste the pieces together?

10:41 PM  
Logan said...

I love the fact that your images work equally well across a myriad of 'supports'....canvases, album covers, printed pages, comic covers, commercials, SNOWBOARDS etc. Keep expanding, it looks great.

I was wondering what your basic breakdown for Photoshop work is. Do you work primarily in the layers palette? Channels? I actually dont know that much about digital media, but Im interested. Any good texts youd recommend on the subject? Or was good ole fashioned 'playin around' your method of education?

4:18 PM  
Process Recess said...

thanks everyone! Good to hear from the lurkers out there.

Manuel - Yes, I scan the artwork in pieces and stitch them together in photoshop. I've gotten quite good at it, though last year I got myself a large format scanner which has hastened the process.

logan - i work primarily with layers. I learned everything from pure experimentation and research on the web, though Tomer Hanuka taught me my first shortcut, alt + backspace to fill in a selection with color.

6:06 PM  
Manuel Lariño said...

Yes, pasting the pieces together from a little scanner takes a little bit of time, got myself used to it, but in college we had large scanners and now after graduating is hard to go back to the little ones hehe, and i couldn't find a large one that is affordable yet...

2:46 AM  
Sam said...

I'm curious how and why you seal a graphite drawing. Maybe it's just a fine art technique I never picked up? Also, for future reference (I read your post up there about scan stitching), I don't know if you know about the awesome scan stitch utility photoshop has. file>automate>photo merge. It usually works pretty well if your scans are good.

Nice illustrations.

11:12 PM  
david said...

Your illustrations are excellent, please keep going.

This question has been burnign a hole in my brain for weeks: You talked about sealing the graphite drawing to paint over with acrylic washes, what did you seal it with? a shellac varnish?

Yeah I agree with the above post of photo merge in photoshop.

7:49 AM  
Process Recess said...

Wow, i'll have to try photo merge on my next project. I seal the drawing in with acrylic gloss medium.

1:15 PM  
david said...


6:21 AM  
MARILLA said...

I just cannot say anything except this...
you are crazy......

12:40 PM  
Jake said...

How do you feel abou the boards Mr. White decides to toss!?

Also... that jacket looks suspiciously drawn in your style. Are you letting Mr. White take credit for your work!?

As always... I have to cosign Marilla's comments.

12:44 PM  
melissa said...

Hey, I just wanted to say I love your skills and seeing the process you go through! Also, my husband works at a snow and skate shop, so I'm pleased to be an owner of a James Jean snowboard. :)

Who is Shawn White? ;) This is a James Jean board.

10:07 AM  

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