Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Pressure Printing - Folding Screen 1

Taciturn Screen
Brad Keech, founder of Pressure Printing, contacted me about a year ago and asked if I would like to collaborate with him on a print project. I had the idea to do a series of folding screens for a long time, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally make it happen.

> I sent him a sketch of what I had in mind, and we were well on our way.

> Brad sent me a plate of glass specially prepared to accept graphite. I carefully rendered the drawing and mailed it back to him, and he used it to create the printing plate. Brad had the great idea of incorporating a lattice work behind the print, and the translucency of the paper provided an extra level of detail in the project. Please visit www.pressureprinting.com for more production details and to purchase the screen.

Two more screens with Pressure Printing are currently in progress . . .


trish said...

i love this drawing. but then again, what of yours do i not love. i especially love this one because i think it captures well your style: ethereal.

1:35 AM  
Jed said...

What a terrific opportunity and a great looking result. There's usually two places we see images: on a wall, or on a printed page. I like the idea of a picture having a different kind of life as an object. It has a different presence than it would if it were just plastered on a wall.

It was good to see you at APE. I didn't expect to see you there. I was pleased to finally get a copy of Process Recess (and thank you for the small sketch). There's such a huge body of work between those two small covers, and I appreciated the inclusion of the index--it gave a nice sense of continuity and served as a real document of your single-minded dedication to drawing, how you set your mind to doing this one thing incredibly well. Anybody who wants to cultivate a similar level of skill would be wise to follow your precedent. I only wish I were that disciplined.

So many great books at APE this year! I think we're in the middle of a minor golder age in the small press similiar to that period in the 60s when guys like Dr. Seuss and Maurice Sendak and Crockett Johnson and Edward Gorey wer making one perfect book after another.

And so, just across from your table was a nice stack of Renee French's The Ticking; at the Fantagraphics table, Jordan Crane's The Clouds Above, and the latest Ivan Brunetti Compelation (10 years in the making) and well, pretty much everything at the Fantagraphics table.

From your own Publisher, Ad House, Gary Soto gave me renewed enthusiasm for what I had thought was the completely played-out superhero genre. He somehow managed to invest it with some much needed fun, without any attempt at being "realistic", and without bogging it down with the self-conscious and self-referential Michael Allred nod and a wink post-modern retro aesthetic. None of this over the top, heavy handed "gee whiz" shit, or inherantly ludicrous attempts at naturalism in a genre that was never meant to accomodate it, but plain and simple 14 year old boy, fun. Adolescent Power fantasies? Fuck Yeah! And he has the good sense to keep them in the realm of adolescence.

So Don't dissapoint us. Make some more books. 'Cause it aint gonna last.

4:39 AM  
pitzerboy said...

Nice behind-the-scenes screen action. Is that a JJ "chop-block" in the upper right? Anyway, I think Brad at the Pressure does a bang up job, and I'm glad to see him expanding his artist base.

And, in case anyone is curious about the comic Jed is talking about above, it's THE SECRET VOICE by Zack Soto. He hit the nail on the head. I LOVE that comic because it IS fun. Takes me back to growing up reading THE JAM.

And, yeah, gotta agree about the golden age comment he made. That new book by Renee French, THE TICKING, is uber-beautiful. Hats off to all involved with that one.

7:11 AM  
Jen said...

Wow..great artwork there and love the idea of putting it on a screen like that, adds a new dimension. Keep up the great work.


9:42 AM  
Kenichi Hoshine said...

Resplendent...You gotta' do a large, full-size screen next.

11:52 AM  
Jed said...

Did I write GARY Soto? Yikes. Zack Soto. Sorry Chris (and Zack). Keep up the good work by the way. Everything at your table looked pretty gorgeous too, I'm just sorry I couldn't afford to take it all home.

1:08 PM  
james.acrow said...

Too bad they are not full size. I would love to have one for my tattoo studio.

9:21 PM  
pbcbstudios said...


9:31 PM  
Mastro Pagliaro said...

Le tue illustrazioni sono splendide!!!!
Saluti dall'italia!

8:20 AM  
gide0n said...

Hi K, I love this job!

Saludos desde EspaƱa. ;)

1:31 PM  
Frank said...

its gorgeous, I can't wait for the time when it will adorn my wall.

10:30 AM  
Yacin said...

I have no words...

11:32 AM  
Tatiana Lloret said...

Great !!!

12:03 AM  

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