Monday, April 03, 2006

A Few Items of Note . . .

  1. My show, "Taciturn," opens this Friday night! More info at Secret Headquarters will start accepting bids on Tuesday, April 3rd for the original art to the Arabian Nights (and Days) TPB wraparound cover. Please contact them at 323.666.2228 or email them at The winner will be announced on Friday at 9:00pm.
  2. Soon after "Taciturn" opens, original art will be available for sale online, and a link will be posted to a price list with images.
  3. Lastly, Check out Comic Foundry for an interview about my cover process, among other great articles.


Anonymous said...

Hi James,

I'm sure you're probably aware of this by now, but it looks like they inadvertently covered a good chunk of your interview with illustrations.


12:20 AM  
Jennifer Lewis said...

I love your work,and seeing the process. and wish you would have a show out here on the North East coast.

6:40 AM  
John said...

I agree with Jennifer! I've only seen one piece in person, the among the dolls one, and it was just breathtaking.

The pieces for sale online, will they be on this blog or at the secretheadquarters site?

10:05 AM  
Process Recess said...

Court - thanks for the headsup - for some reason, the page doesn't render correctly in IE, but it looks fine in Firefox.
jennifer/john - I've been offered to show in NY, but scheduling hasn't worked out yet. Preparing a show requires a lot of time and energy, and at this point, I'd like to concentrate on building up a body of work. The work for sale at Secret Headquarters will be posted on Process Recess by next week if they can get all the work scanned in time.

10:42 AM  
Jim Casablancas said...

I've looked everywhere, but it seems impossible to get your hands on skb sb-1000 pens unless you live in australia or taiwan.

are there any other specific brands you can recommend of similar quality? I'm tired of all these grayish pens that have blue tones and don't produce true, rich warm blacks. Any recommendations would be appreciated!

Also, are you participating in a ballpoint pen show called "unforgiving"? Google seems to think so. =]

6:04 PM  
Luc said...

Best of luck (as if you'll need it!) at your show this Friday James. I was recently in NYC and dropped by the Society of Illustrators' HQ and was delighted to see your work there in the gallery. You always stop me dead in my path.


6:13 PM  
Yacin said...


7:13 AM  
Jeff said...

Good luck on the show tomorrow. I really wish I could be there to see your work in person. I think it would be an amazing experience :).

2:26 PM  
Eliane said...

Great interview! I amn very jealous of the ammount of time you get for assignments. I work for newspapers and I have to be greatful if it's three instead of two days... My fresh eyes come usually after publication.

3:19 PM  
caos said...


5:26 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hey James , I really love your work since the first Fables TPB I bought. I was wondering, if Alphonse Mucha is a big influence in your works. Looking at Mucha'ss art (specially the posters and decorative panels), it seems that you two have the line work and much of the color pallette in common. Of course, both get different results, and I think your art work has more movement, more dinamism, but I can't help seeing a resemblance. I don't have a blogger acount, but my mane is José Solé. Hope to hear from you.

10:38 PM  
Anonymous said...

Your show was amazing. I was thrilled to see your original sketches and some works that I have never seen before. It was a great pleasure meeting you in real life! : )

ps. thank u so much for allowing
me to take a picture with you!
You are awesome!!

6:26 PM  
mackaydesign said...

Awesome piece. It was great having you come to school a few terms back. Thank you for your advice.

7:44 PM  
kevin fitz said...

wow.. this is image is so subtle is hurts.. great work, great use of minimal colors and tan bg..

7:16 AM  

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