Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Figure Drawing VI

>acrylic on bristol, 19 x 24", 5 minutes.

>acrylic on bristol, 19 x 24", 20 minutes.

>acrylic on bristol, 19 x 24", 20 minutes.

Figure Studies
My color choices are more deliberate this time around, as I become more familiar with this way of working. Work/life has been very busy/stressful, so I'm glad I have a fews hours a week to escape, with no other task than to interpret what I see on paper. No phone calls, no emails, no revisions, no bills, no moral judgments, no existential crisis: "no-mind."


TheKcirbuk said...

Great drawings!!!


2:32 AM  
cooked Art said...

I really like the second one.

3:04 AM  
Alan Cichela said...

Five minutes? 5! 5!!! Wow!

6:45 AM  
Maki said...

I usually appreciate the immediacy of 2 or 5 minutes figure drawing. But you were able to accomplish a lot during that short period of time. You must work really fast. :D

Do you mix and prepare the paint right before starting the session or during it?

Your style is very unique and inspiring. And your works always remind me that I must keep studying.

Thanks for sharing your art, work process and thoughts. :)

7:17 AM  
Bluebird said...

Really beautiful gestural drawings. I love seeing a draftsman like yourself do these. Keep em coming :-)

On a side note your work is truely top self.


8:08 AM  
Chris McD said...

I did another post on with our life drawings from Tuesday. Just one this time. You say your not much good at likenesses on the Chappelle post, but you nailed this ladies face for sure.

1:25 PM  
Mike Thompson said...

Nice work!

1:35 PM  
Anonymous said...

Hey, I was wondering if you have any tips for an aspiring artist on drawing. Is it as simple as draw what you like and see, or are there any specifics you did before you got into collage? I'm doing my best to teach myself everything I can and would appreciate any help.
Thanks RC

2:59 PM  
Carlos V. said...

This style grows and I love it even more everytime I see new work. You see the confidense and expert observation. Great work...can't wait for next time.

5:56 PM  
EmDao said...

I'm practicing with live figure drawing right now, first time with charcoals. I find it frustrating sometime  anyway could when you label your drawing acrylic on Bristol, is it on real paper or with a wacom through a painting program?

6:12 PM  
Alice Meichi said...

Beautiful.. I was actually in Jim McMullen's class before he took sabbatical and noticed that he began doing gesture paintings in acrylic as well. However, comparing the two, I would have to confess that I find yours more accomplished.

Regarding my previous suggestion of returning to SVA as a speaker, do you think your schedule might allow for it between now and May? I'm currently taking Yuko Shimizu's Navigating the Big Bad World class (Fridays from 3-6) and I would love it if you were able to visit and share your wisdom of making it in the real world. :)

6:55 PM  
Little Boy said...

wow... ur blog is so beautiful, and those new paintings made it much more beautiful.

8:02 PM  
Chrissie A said...

Incredibly beautiful work!

6:40 AM  
Process Recess said...

Thanks to everyone for the comments!

maki - these were the colors on my palette, white, cad yellow, rose red, quinacridone purple, prussian blue, and burt sienna. I usually don't 'premix' colors with these figure studies, since there's not enough time.

anon - before art school, I drew whatever I felt like at the time, which usually consisted of bizzare anatomical renderings and superheroes. I didn't draw from life until art school. however,with the accessibility of art on the internet these days, you should be in good shape if you have an open mind and enough drive to draw.

emdao - these drawings are 100% natural! No wacom pen used.

alice - not sure if I can make it, but we'll see. It's always good to return to NY. I think my drawings are 'accurate', but Jim's drawings are definitely 'magical' His colors are amazing -- he was probably using gouache, which are brighter and more luminous than acrylics.

little boy - it was very interesting to read about the elections in Iran. Thank you for that post.

10:08 AM  
Juan M H said...

It was great to find this blog.
I really enjoy your work mister J!

11:30 AM  
Eliane said...

Have you seen the new David Hockney portraits book? In it are some incredible portraits in colour pencil that remind me a bit of how you use colour in your studies.

2:25 PM  
Frank said...

so fresh and so clean

6:50 PM  
Y.S.D.W. said...

I found myself further inspired to keep drawing, painting, and creating in general, while looking at some of your work. Thank you for sharing it!

6:58 PM  
michael said...

I think your work is amazing, always good stuff.

4:59 AM  
PETE said...

Hey James-
Whens the second printing of process coming out?

9:11 AM  
Process Recess said...

Frank - you are the freshest, but o so dirty
ysdw and michael - thank you!
Pete - the 2nd printing is out . . . it's in the process of getting distributed as we speak. But you can contact to order a copy!

10:58 AM  
EllenK said...

Very nicely done. May I give this as a link for the AP Art teacher? She needs to jar these kids out of complacency as to what they need to move towards.

4:12 PM  
Paulilla said...

what can i say... i really enjoy your work, it's very beautifull and the way that you can draw the face expression... i don´t have more words to say what does it make me feel.
I'm chilean and i'm apologise for my english, but the impulse win me this time.

Bravo!!! your are the best!!! keep doing it!

7:41 PM  
Virginiajoe said...

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1:56 AM  
JW said...

It's a shame you're getting all these spam advertisement comments.

These are beautiful, and a little more confident than the earlier acrylic life paintings you posted.

If it's not too embarassing, could you possibly post some early early James Jean art? Perhaps highschool, first year college? I love to see the progressions.

9:39 AM  
Maenad said...

These are wonderful! Thanks for portraying the beauty of the female form in such a bold and colorful style.

10:19 AM  
skinshark said...

I see...nobody told me to bring color to the fight. Nice time...paints at high noon. ;)


12:32 PM  
Fletch said...

I really like the first sketch and the color in it. Like others mentioned, 5 minutes is amazing, thanks for including the time taken. As someone who often labors for a long time over details in art it makes me want to do a few quick ones to see how they turn out.

3:36 PM  
albert said...

looks pretty cool.

5:03 PM  
Jeff said...

hey James, I really enjoy these paintings. Very beautiful work. I am glad that you still have a chance to hit up the life drawing workshops. I go to the ones at school and they are such a stress reliever. I don't have to worry about anything, just draw what I want and it's great.

Thanks for posting!

9:06 PM  
Juliette said...


1:38 PM  
kikkokatty2433 said...

Nice art work. Come see my trashy blog and leave comments or suggestions. Everyone invited.

3:45 PM  
blairedcube said...

Really good art
and really nice woman :)

Desperated Wanna-Be Producer

2:41 PM  
Anonymous said...

These look great!

One quick question:

Who do you have print your prints?

8:12 AM  
Rebekit said...

gorgeous studies!

8:21 PM  
.Ben. said...

Hrm. I can see her lady bits. That's fucking awesome!

9:59 PM  
pablo e. soto said...

Its great to know that you have a blog. I knew your work since few years ago, because of your web page. I m really glad that now i can always see your new staff. i could be really happy if u can give me some critic about my blog.
thank you for sharing your work with us.!!

7:45 AM  
Ignacio Jiménez Torrado said...

I saw your blog and i think it's cool. You should take a look at this website.

8:06 PM  
Richard J. Brinker said...

Great drawings!

3:16 PM  
Susan Cook said...

Wow... I really wish I knew how to do figure drawing... Amazing work!

7:10 PM  
ScarletSphinx said...

I have to say that the first is my favorite. It displays more emotion than the others. Your choice in color is delicious.
color me pleased

7:27 PM  
Bruno Merz said...

James, I know I've said it before but just gotta say again how AMAZING and INSPIRING your work is. That new arabian cover for fables and the first page of your story are new favourites of mine. Wish I lived close enough to go to 'Taciturn' at secret headquarters. Don't burn out man, take a well deserved holiday!
I wish you all the best

1:33 AM  
Kally said...

I'm really happy I found this. You're really talented.

11:12 AM  
gras.GRUEN said...

hi ! yes great sketches and drawings !! - i prefer the woman-akts - they are better than the man-akts ( my mind) .. but why you count minuts during drawing ?? - fastdrawing - just like fastfood ?? I think thats not good - not the time is it - only the resuluts.
Greatings - and good luck for all things - Angie form Germany

10:46 PM  
Alina Chau said...

Great figure drawings!!

10:03 PM  
Cin said...


4:10 PM  
Anonymous said...

hey this is really the best i ve ever seen!! greetings

7:30 AM  

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