Friday, February 03, 2006

Figure Drawing V

>acrylic on bristol, 19 x 24", 5 minutes.

>acrylic on bristol, 19 x 24", 20 minutes.

>acrylic on bristol, 19 x 24", 20 minutes.

Figure Studies
I felt more assured of my technique this week, which probably made for less spontaneity and 'freshness' in the studies. When drawing or making pictures, there is always a struggle with control. Accidents, chance, and intuition are vital agents against stagnation. The trick is to have enough control to make it look like you messed up on purpose.


Anonymous said...

Noice...These drawings inspire the time I interviewed Dakota Fanning

12:06 AM  
jed said...

I like the little hot spots that dot the bottom figure's features, and the observant, but barely suggested arm to the right of the image. The way you handled the arm Reminds me of the Bay Area figuritive painter, David Park. Do you know Park's work? You might dig him:

I see what you mean by techique interfering with spontaneity or freshness, but at the same time, these continue to show off your facility and draftsmanship, and are a definite improvement on the last batch. But Park might be a good one to look at.

7:39 AM  
tyas said...

Hi maybe I'm kind of late but I want to say congratulations for being Wizard 2005's cover artist of the year. i've been eyeing the covers you made last year so when i read the latest edition of wizard indonesia in which they crowned you the title, i just thought that it's SOOO natural! congrats once again - i love your artwork.

9:16 AM  
cooked Art said...

Really fabulous stuff!

I picked up your hardcover book last year, and was really ecstatic to find out you had a blog recently.

Your figure studies are particularly excellent.

Keep on postin!

11:30 AM  
Eliane said...

The top one looks very strange, feminin somehow...

1:43 PM  
TheKcirbuk said...


4:11 AM  
Anonymous said...

You speak the truth...

-Loyal Follower

3:58 PM  
Pati @-;-- said...

I love them. They remind me when I took drawing classes at college and turn me in the mood for doing the same ;)

8:36 AM  
ghost said...

Thanks for posting your figure paintings. I am pretty amazed that you did these so fast. I am beginning to learn how to paint and that medium trips up my brain which makes my hands do strange things.

I understand what you mean about taking away the freshness of the work once you get more control over it, but I don't think that is a problem for you. The new paintings are quite beautiful.

Lately, I am trying to paint temperature and not worry so much about local color, just relationships with edges, planes and heat. It's an interesting way of looking.

9:24 PM  
Process Recess said...

anon- yes, dakota is a very special gal
jed- thanks for the link! Interesting work . . .
tyas - glad you saw that Wizard article, especially in Indonesia! Very cool.
cooked art - thanks for picking up the book, and hope you're enjoying the blog so far.
eliane - yes, the model had a strange torso, a very narrow rib cage. And feminine hips . . . a really interesting guy to draw.
kcirbuk- :)
anon - I try not to preach, but express what's going on in the hamster cage that is my brain.
pati - great, hope you get to do some figure drawing soon!
ghost - worrying about your work will stunt it in some way -- therein lies the magic in art, it springs from someplace internal that defies logic but invites critical interpretation.

1:05 PM  
Alex said...

Male nudes... Meh not so much into them :)

But its art right? So I guess that is cool, I know it must be very hard.

2:46 PM  
Floating Soul said...

i love the beauty. art. line. gesture. color. in other words, these are really great.

9:18 PM  
kassondra said...

Absolutely Amazing...........enough said

11:38 AM  
Mike Thompson said...

I am very impressed with your ability to capture the figure in paint so effortlessly. These pieces, while spontaneous, have a VERY finished look to them, worthy of framing! Nice work, James!

2:08 PM  

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