Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bells & Whistles

>graphite on bond, 8.5 x 11"

>graphite on bristol, 6 x 16"

>photoshop, 6439 x 2481 pixels

>photoshop, 6439 x 2481 pixels

Bells & Whistles
Plan Sponsor magazine uses a lot of great illustration to present it's otherwise prosaic subject matter. The AD gave me complete freedom for this piece, provided it had something to do with the title of the column, "Bells & Whistles."


Anonymous said...

hi, james...seems i've lost my blogger identity, this is chris the swing to the chime of that bottom bell and her leg kicking out in perfect stride...lovely. the eye just finds the rhythm here so flawlessly...

12:38 PM  
Sam Hendricks said...

Just wanted to say it's great seeing your process every once in a while.

*thumbs up*

3:01 PM  
k said...

These are great. Your work is always inspiring.
Do you have any tips for drawing from the imagination for aspiring illustrators? Sometimes the mind is blank as the canvas. :)

6:06 AM  
Toyebot said...

Wonderful as always! The color are always so rich. Thanks for showing behind the scenes. Really like the way you frame your pieces! Cheers

10:00 AM  
Anonymous said...

Hey James, How much do you rely on reference photos and or general research into your work?

8:07 PM  
Anonymous said...

do you plan on making a tutorial-photoshop?

8:41 PM  
Carlos V. said...

Hey James, love the work as always...the figure stuff I'm loving a lot. It seems free from certain boundaries that get drilled on the head as an art student and that's refreshing. You ever feel like doing some oil figure would be interesting to see how you approach the medium now and what the difference will be from your student paintings...maybe is just wishful thinking.

3:26 PM  
Process Recess said...

chris - thx! Rhythm is definitely something present in my mind whenever I draw.
sam - thanks! keep turning out those sketches!
k - i have a sketchbook where I just do small thumbnails of compositions i want to make in the future, almost like an idea file. Keep your doodles and expand on them as well.
toyebot - thanks! Love the Villians piece on your site -- the thumbnails are very cool
anon - you know, I forgot to post my reference for this piece. I did some general research on drum majorettes for uniform reference, and also on different kinds of bells. Research is essential, it's always inspiring to mine the history of human innovation and design.
anon - not yet -- I do something different with every piece, but my technique is very basic.
carlos - I do plan on hitting the oils again one of these days . . . if only I didn't hate cleaning brushes so much!

12:16 PM  
chucky said...

wow..i really like your work..your book now is my favorite collection!!I have one do you transfer the sketch from on bond to bristol??I am fascinated by your line!!!

9:18 AM  
Alexman26 said...

hello sir james, i live in recife, Brazil, and one friend my tell me about your name, james jean, so i find your site and i see various works yours, and like to much. Sorry for my poor english i don't studie any time english or other language, i only speak some words.

Tanks for the your talent, and the inspiration for me.

7:49 PM  
Kevin Barber said...

Big fan of all your comic work and was glad to come across your blog. Love this peice.Great style . Sounds silly,...but i'm curious as to what resolution you work at ?

9:06 PM  
skinshark said...

Sweet christmas...I remember seeing this somewhere and loving the focus of the camera. Really fine use of color too.


8:49 PM  
Aimee said...

These are amazing!

10:41 AM  
Frank said...

yet another keep on truckin reference! I love it!!!!!

9:52 PM  

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